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Life constantly places large tasks upon us. Gladly we make medical and human contributions towards overcoming health restrictions and suffering. How joyous when people experience alleviation or recovery with our support. We have collected customer’s comments that report from this common journey.

Warmly, Your Paracelsus Clinic Team


B.H., 1975, f

I would like to take this opportunity and express my thanks to the entire staff and such wonderful team who don’t realize what positive impact they have on other people lives. By now, I would be probably suffering from negative side effects of chemotherapy and today after first few weeks of treatment at Paracelsus, I feel so energized and truly looking to another day as very special day. You all gave me chance to take my life in my own hand, teach me own the responsibility for my health and gave me chance for better life. This is something, I will never forget and truly looking forward to April ’15 for my next treatment at Paracelsus. I had privilege to meet highly professional, but so friendly nurses and doctors at your clinic and despite their busy schedules to look after so many patients like me, they still find energy for being nice, kind and providing their energy back to all patients. Through chats with other patients, I came across similar experiences and positive discussions, that just shows testimony how well the clinic is run and how focused the clinic is on treating patients well.


S.L., 1956, f

I had the best experience at Paracelsus Clinic, where I went to address health problems of deep fatigue, Hashimoto’s disease and chronic back pain.

I received excellent treatments and left rejuvenated but still in process with medications. I love Dr. Rau, his experience and confidence is why I went and I got to experience his healing attitude and energy in person which carries on.

All of the staff is marvelous. Welcoming, efficient and skilled.  Thank you all.

Note: Healing is part physical and part other. Paracelsus addressed lifestyle/psychological issues including diet, heart rate variability, energy testing, in  a gentle non-threatening way. These are sometimes more important than the “medicines” we receive.


D.M., 1966, m


I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease in the summer of 2007.  By the fall of 2013, I had exhausted the knowledge base of 6 doctors in the states.  I found the Paracelsus Clinic by word of mouth.  I was so frustrated with my progress, or lack thereof, that after doing my research on the clinic and talking with 2 Lyme patients that had been treated at the clinic, I decided to commit a month of my life to focused healing.

My symptoms were problematic in that I work as a Professional Ski Patroller.  I must be able to ski all day long and communicate with injured skiers in stressful situations. As summer 2013 turned into fall, my symptoms became more pronounced.  I began stuttering and was unable to form complete sentences.  At times my mouth would physically lock up and I was unable to verbalize the thoughts in my head.  In the afternoons, my body would get completely and utterly tired. I did not like riding as a passenger in cars because at times I suffered from severe motion sickness. This is when I moved to Switzerland and immersed myself in the healing process.

It has been 2 + months since I left the clinic.  I would like to say that I have not felt this good in a long time.  I can honestly say that I have had no recurrence of the symptoms that led me to seek help at the clinic.  My speech is back to normal, my thoughts are not foggy, my energy is back, and my motion sickness has gone away.  I am skiing 5 days a week and helping injured skiers with confidence.  What a difference some focused healing time makes!!


J.W., 1958, f

I had the most amazing two weeks at the clinic. Every detail has been improved since my last visit in 2005/2006. The organization, the appointments, the documentation – all wonderful!

The staff were all incredibly friendly, technically competent and willing to assist in any way necessary.

Dr. Rau as usual was his amazing self and I felt taken care of in a way words cannot describe. With him, my «cancer» is in good hands. Dr. Bethge was again wonderful. He is kind, caring, technically skilled and very patient. Everything was great.

Dr. Andys also was amazing. He extracted a tooth no one in the US would touch and he did it with the patience of a Saint.

Christian and Irene at hotel Säntis do an amazing job. They take care of everything – with love.

Thank you. I am grateful and very blessed to have been here.


  1. A., 1957, f

Paracelsus Clinic is a temple of medical healing. Dr Rau has created an oasis of medical expertise and car-ing. My genius Dr. Rupp provides me with compassionate customized treatment in partnership with me. For him I am not a bunch of tests to be used for protocol-based treatments. For him I am an intelligent real person who participates in her medical treatment – this is a big relief and comfort for me. I truly feel cared for and loved.


L.v.A., 1950, f

Testimonial of a rheumatoid arthritis patient.

Medicine is not merely a science but an art. The character of the physician may act more powerfully upon the patient than the drugs employed. (Paracelsus)

Dr. Rau,

I will always hold dear, and value the Paracelsus Klinik for the way treatment was given to me, with hope and kindness. That is the culture you created so many years ago. I remember when I got my diagnosis from you in 2007, and I started to cry, you looked at me and said in your Swiss

German accent, “Mrs. V., why do you cry? I can help you. It will take some time, but this is what we do here.” You saved me at that moment. You said those words with such conviction and confidence. I believed you. You gave me hope and to this day, freedom of movement.

You and your support staff saved me from making unwise treatment decisions with traditional rheumatologists in Rhode Island, I don’t see a rheumatologist in the U.S. because my problems, what little is left of them, are more a function of diet and internal flora. What rheumatologist has the courage to use your methods on an immune illness?

Medicine is not only a science; it is also an art. It does not consist of compounding pills and plasters; it deals with the very processes of life, which must be understood before they may be guided. (Paracelsus)

I was so glad to read in your letter that is the case with Paracelsus Klinic today and you are doing more in the area of cancer treatment. Wonderful.

I have observed and seen over the years how hard you work, your long days at the Klinic and I’m sure, the personal sacrifices you have made over your life time. you don’t say, “no”. A rare trait.

The patients are your textbook, the sickbed is your study.’ (Paracelsus)

So this is the long way of thanking you for our history together and what will continue to be a treasured patient/doctor relationship into the future.


M.C., 1977, m

«I realized for the first time in almost two decades I was able to trust and believe in someone. My faith has been restored. Dr. Rau, Dr. Bethge, Dr. Kimbles, and Dr. Rupp brought humanity back to a profession I thought had completely lost it.

For the first time in 20 years I didn’t feel like just some folder that was pulled off a medical bookkeeping shelf. I had a name, I was seen, heard, understood, and trusted! I was deeply, compassionately, and truly cared for and about, and dare I say Loved as an individual, as a human being. In their heart of hearts, they wanted to do everything in their power to save, repair, restore, and rejuvenate my life. »


M.E., 1956, f

I got the diagnose, Hodgkins lymphoma, in February 2012 and I did not want to do the traditional treat-ment, chemotherapy and radiation, which is the only option for me where I live.

Therefore, I started to look for alternatives and I have had different treatments at two other clinics in Europe but I did not feel totally content and safe after the stay in these clinics. In July I found out about Paracelsus and I had email contact with them before I decided to go there.

I am so happy I did!

Paracelsus have a lot more variety of treatments than the other clinics I have been to, and the treatments are, as far as I have seen, carefully chosen for every individual case.

Above all I appreciate the holistic perspective and the desire to understand the underlying cause to the imbalance. My doctor, Dr. Rau, has a lot of knowledge and has shown a great interest in my case. For that I am very grateful!

The clinic is very professional and the staff is very kind, caring and helpful and that goes for all the nurses, doctors as well as the staff in the reception! After two weeks at the clinic I will continue with the recommended natural medicine at home and I will, in a few months’ time, go back for more treatments in Paracelsus.

I can sincerely recommend Paracelsus clinic since I feel very secure about the treatments, my doctor and the Paracelsus clinic as a whole!


G.F., 1947, m

I wanted to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the two weeks of treatment that we received at Paracelsus. We have no regrets about the time that we spent in treatment. The entire staff – every one of them – were exceptional, professional, and caring. Each of the nurses treated us with dignity and respect, and our time with Dr. Rau and Dr. Bethge were outstanding. We felt like we were constantly learning and being given the instruction needed to continue forward. For someone with Dr. Rau’s credentials, such a busy schedule, and such a demand on his time, we never felt that we were being rushed or our time and questions minimized. To the contrary, we were given outstanding attention each day. Even when my wife twisted her knee, Dr. Bethge adjusted his schedule to both see her and treat her as nee-ded. That was very special to us personally.

The facilities were very comfortable, the food was delicious, and the cost was reasonable. We really appreciated how well the schedule ran and that there was always someone waiting to take us into our next treat-ment. Our time with the nutritionist was exceptional and when I return in November I am looking forward to spending a couple of more hours learning from her. Of all of the areas needed, the ongoing issue of diet and nutrition are critical and she provided us with both the technical and personal encouragement to make some major changes in how we approach this area of our lifestyle.


L.P., 1971, f

My time at the Klinik was very intense and was not very easy. After 3 years of being so sick that I was close to non-functioning, I now have my life back again. I attribute most of that to Dr. Pleus, who is hands-down the best physician I have ever worked with. His creativity and brilliance have turned problems into solutions and I am forever grateful that our paths have crossed. His kindness and patience allowed me to communicate with him honestly and confidently as my treatments progressed. It is due to his incredible intelligence and openness that my healing has occurred.

It has been 3 months now since I have returned from the Klinik and I am doing a very rigorous at home protocol with 4 IVs a week and a blood-ozone transfusion weekly and Infrared Sauna and cupping and lym-phatic drainage and many more treatments and (of course) supplements, supplements, supplements.

The miracle is that I am feeling so much better!

I am continuing with my protocol and, although it is very hard work, I am reaping the daily rewards of living again. It is amazing how I used to take for granted so many little things like carrying my own purse and putting on my own jacket and opening the door to my refrigerator.

Now, as I accomplish each of these tasks I celebrate.

Life has become joyful again.


1953, m

The patient came as accompanying person, accompanying his wife, who stayed at Paracelsus for biological treatment of her cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.

The patient was in permanent treatment for his very high cholesterol, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, gout and overweight. He was under medication with Lipidor, Atacand, Aspirin cardio, Minipres, Toprol. He never felt well under this medication, very often felt nauseous and still had problems in training, sport and severe overweight. The patient only wanted a check-up while being here with his wife.

The measurement of the unconscious nerve system showed a severe suppression of the sympathetic and parasympathetic tonus, which expressed in a metabolic weakness. Most was caused by side effect of the heart and blood pressure and cholesterol remedies.

During the stay we consulted him for the nutrition which would fit for him, we changed the remedies to biological remedies and supplements. After one year of taking our changed nutrition and replacing his orthodox prescription remedies by our supplements he sent following comment to us:

«I must say that I am a real fan of Paracelsus: after getting off all of my prescription meds (Lipitor, blood pressure meds, etc.). I am now testing better than when I was on them. Dr. Rau jumped out of his chair when he reviewed my test results and proclaimed I was a poster boy for the clinic’s regimen. I have also lost 25 pounds, mostly by cutting a lot of protein out of my diet. Not only this, I feel extremely much better than before – and after 3 stays in Paracelsus, my wife nearly fully healed from her severe rheumatoid arthritis and is no more on prescription remedies, any more.»


A.C., 1958, f

Testimonial for Dr. Rau

My illness began in 2002 with flu-like symptoms, although I had no fever. After a couple of weeks, I consulted my physician, who suggested running some tests to establish the cause of the persistent disease.

Very soon, the symptoms got worse: pain in every muscle and joint of my body, and a debilitating fatigue. I was referred to a rheumatologist, who suspected an autoimmune disease. After more tests, the syndrome was labeled as “undifferentiated connective tissue disorder” and I was given several medications that produced a lot of side effects but no improvements. Meanwhile, I was bedridden for weeks in a row.

I consulted more specialists, obtaining only more frustration because most of them, unable to understand and cure the disease, labeled it as depression or hinted that I was fabricating it.

I didn’t give up and I kept gathering information on auto-immune diseases. Since the symptoms were the same, I suggested to my rheumatologist that I might have either Fibromyalgia (FMS) or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), but he dismissed the very names of the diseases saying that they were only made-up names to label illnesses that didn’t exist. It was only years later, when the FDA approved a number of medications for the treatment of these syndromes, that the majority of the American doctors recognized, almost overnight, that FMS and CFS were real and almost epidemic diseases.

Between 2002 and 2007, besides consulting all kinds of specialists, I have tried:

  • many kinds of allopathic medications, including high dosages of antibiotics and antivirals;
  • acupuncture and Chinese herbs, which produced some positive but short-lasting results;
  • yoga and meditation;
  • psychotherapy;
  • surgery to treat sleep apnea;
  • surgery to remove 12 apparently infected teeth and to replace them with implants.

Finally, in 2007 I found a clinic near Los Angeles whose founder, having suffered himself of CFS, has developed a protocol to cure some auto-immune diseases. Still, the benefits were modest and short-lasting, and the real cause of my symptoms remained a mystery.

After seven years, I was tired of this trial-and-error approach. I needed a more systematic and thorough method of investigation and a comprehensive treatment.

I have undoubtedly found both of them at Paracelsus Clinic.

I had the great fortune to become a patient of Dr. Thomas Rau. He is a rare scientist, with an acute sense of observation, an analytical mind, and a strong determination to cure his patients with personalized treatments.

Dr. Rau started from ground zero and, after running a series of tests, in just four days he was able to determine the underlying causes of my disease. He found a genetic problem, but also that my pain was due to Eppstein-Barr virus and my fatigue to Cytomegalovirus. Moreover, while all the other doctors had dismissed the importance of Brucellosis, Dr. Rau seemed to know very well the consequences of this serious disease, even if it had manifested itself in its acute form three decades ago.

I went to Paracelsus Clinic for the first time in April 2009. One year later, after three two week stays at the clinic, I can say that I have my life back. The pain has almost disappeared, my energy has come back, my headaches are rare and mild, and the fog in my brain has dissipated.

At Paracelsus I have not only found a cure to my disease but also respect, understanding, and unconditional support within a framework of professionalism, expertise, and kindness.

All my gratitude goes to the doctors and to the personnel of Paracelsus Clinic.


M.K., 1987, f

I suffered with chronic Lyme disease for eleven years. Many “top doctors” misdiagnosed me for eight years, even the doctor that discovered Lyme disease misdiagnosed me and told me I did not have Lyme. My symptoms of chronic muscle and joint pain, headaches, fatigue, and sensitivities to changes in weather, hormones, and foods intensified year after year. I was constantly seeing new doctors and hearing about some new treatment or medication that would help my problems and resolve my symptoms. I tried over 30 NSAIDs before I even entered high school and none provided relief, only harsh side effects. In high school my symptoms were starting to affect my daily life and functionality. I missed a ton of school and was constantly having to say no to social obligations because I was not feeling up for it. I continued to see specialists in New York and Boston but my condition just got worse and worse.

I decided to go to college in Texas to be in a warmer climate because the cold weather definitely was a negative trigger for me. Throughout my college career I never was able to live like a “normal” college student. It would take me much longer to read or study because it was so hard to focus due to the high levels of pain and brain fog. Also, the stresses of school triggered my pain to increase. I have a very strong mind-body connection and when I was anxious or stressed I immediately felt the tension in my muscles and unfortunately it could take days or weeks for it to calm down. I was constantly getting acute muscle spasms and I would go to the emergency room for an intravenous dose of morphine and valium. During college I started to see a pain management doctor and each time I went to her she prescribed me a new narcotic painkiller and muscle relaxer. It started off with low doses of vicodin but I developed a very high tolerance to the meds and my pain continued to get worse so we were constantly increasing the dose and type of medication. The doctor wanted me to have a procedure done to burn my nerves so I would no longer have sensation in the areas of my body where I had high levels of pain. This did not seem like the right answer so I did not go through with the procedure. I ended up leaving school because I was not in a condition where I could live on my own and be a student. I was still having constant flare ups of pain which were treated with steroids, pain killers and muscle relaxers. I also started taking some psychotic medication to help control the “fibromyalgia”. I went on a variety of antidepressants (cymbalta, wellbutrin) anti-anxiety (klonpin, xanex), anti-seizure (lyrica), sleeping meds (ambient, trazadone) and even medication for bipolar disease to improve my sleep and pain (ambilify, seroquel). My sleep was very disturbed. I had difficulty falling asleep at night and would wake up for long periods during the night. And even if I did get a full night sleep I would wake up tired and never felt refreshed. Then my doctor decided to put me on a medicine for ADD to help wake me up in the morning. This was a disaster. It made my anxiety levels shoot up and I was shaky and jittery all-day long. I couldn’t relax and the constant tension made my pain increase more. Once again just more medications adding to my problems.

The traditional medicine route was obviously not helping me and the more time, money, and effort I put into the system the worse and worse I got. I decided to start doing craniosacral work, acupuncture, Pilates, working with a trainer, physical therapy, and working with a nutritionist. Unfortunately, none of this really helped me so when I saw a doctor that confirmed I had Lyme disease I immediately jumped into the Lyme world and was very excited to do the antibiotic treatment. I did 8 months of oral antibiotics and I did not improve at all. My condition actually got worse and long list of medications got longer and longer. Then I decided to see one of the famous Lyme doctors in New York City. He told me I definitely had Lyme, had had it for a long time and that it had gotten into my brain (neurological Lyme). I had all of the classic Lyme symptoms and I was so excited and relieved to finally have an answer. He suggested that I start intravenous antibiotics ASAP and have surgery to have a port installed. I was so focused on committing myself to the treatment and getting better I didn’t really question anything he said and did not find it alarming that he did not even give me a physical exam. Within two weeks of starting the intravenous antibiotics my health deteriorated at an incredibly scary rate. I did not think it was possible for my symptoms to get worse but they did. My pain shot up to the point where I could barely move which caused me to live in bed. I laid in my bed all day in the pitch dark with my sunglasses on because I was extremely sensitive to light and noise. I ate every meal in bed and I didn’t even shower every day because it was too hard for me to stand for that long. Even just walking to the bathroom would take 30 minutes and was also accompanied with crying because the pain would radiate through my body. Also, I was on 70mg of Percocet (pain killer) before I started the intravenous treatment and a few weeks later I was on a morphine patch (fentanyl) and the highest dose of it. I actually ended up in the emergency room from an overdose on the patch. I was having a hard time breathing and was hallucinating. My pain management doctor, also considered a “top doctor” in New York City, was increasing the dosage on the patch every few days because it was not helping with my pain. My family and I were so desperate to make me more comfortable we got completely sucked into this dangerous situation. I was having adverse reactions to the antibiotics and my Lyme doctor kept changing antibiotics and even cut back significantly on the dosage. But I was not seeing any success. Everything was getting worse and it was the most frightening time of my life. We could not see the light at the end of the tunnel and I did not know or believe I would ever get better. Then I started gaining weight. I completely blew up and I looked like I was pregnant. I was extremely swollen and uncomfortable. My feet and hands were huge and I was gaining a few pounds a week. I was already depressed from my current condition and this obviously made it much worse. My Lyme doctor gave me a diuretic to help get rid of some of the water weight. This is so typical of the medical treatment I received in the united states. No one tried to treat me as a whole person or really figure out what was wrong; it was my symptoms, not me, that were treated. Paracelsus Klinik does the opposite; it treats the whole body/person.

After 10 months doing the intravenous treatment I was much worse off. None of my symptoms had improved, my amount of medications had increased, I was barely living, and I had gained 48 pounds. I hated giving myself the daily infusions because I knew they were making me worse. I

finally took a step back and decided I needed to get away from the “Lyme world”. Dr. Rau was giving a speech on Lyme disease in Marion, Massachusetts and was seeing patients at one of his patient’s homes. Dr. Rau told me he was very confident that he could help me and that he had treated many patients in my condition before. I was hesitant to believe him because so many doctors in the US had made false promises to me and told me how much their treatments helped people but they never ended up helping me. But Dr. Rau had a very logical explanation for everything that I was experiencing and he told me many of my problems were because my body was very toxic. I knew I had finally found the answer, I started crying out of relief and wanted to get started at soon as possible.

I went to Paracelsus a few weeks later. I did not know what to expect to get out of my time at the clinic but I decided to completely dedicate myself to the program. I would not let myself miss any appointments, which is something I constantly did at home, I followed the nutritional program perfectly, and I did everything Dr. Rau told me to do. As soon as I started treatment my body reacted. My second night at the clinic my body went through a major healing crisis. I had a fever and sweat through 3 sets of pajamas and was vomiting and having diarrhea for 7 hours. I had the most excruciating pain all over my body and my arms and legs were shaking nonstop. I was completely scared and did not know what was going on. My dad called the on-call doctor and he explained to me that my body was caught in the middle of the suppression from all of the traditional medications and the Paracelsus treatments which were aimed at bringing everything out. He told me it was not dangerous and that tomorrow he would make sure that I could see Dr. Rau. The next morning, I looked down at my feet and hands and the swelling had gone down significantly. I lost ten pounds of water weight that night. I was exhausted and weak from not sleeping and being sick all night but I did not have my chronic muscle pain. This lasted two full days; I was pain-free for two days and at first, I didn’t even notice it because it was a feeling I had not experienced in over 10 years. When I told Dr. Rau he said that we could start lowering my pain medications. When I met him in Marion he told me he would get me off a lot of the drugs but that he wouldn’t do so until my pain went down. I didn’t understand how my pain would go down without the use of narcotic painkillers but I trusted Dr. Rau and did what he said. I was on 360mg of oxycontin and oxycodone a day when I first arrived at the clinic. After 5 weeks there I was on 10 mg which I got off of completely during my first week back at home. I know that I would have never been able to come off the pain meds so quickly in the US. Dr. Rau did it in a very controlled way and because the other treatments were helping me detox it aided in this process. It was not easy to do and I went through classic narcotic withdrawal but I did it and am so thankful I did. Those opiates were killing me and were making various systems in my body shut down, including my digestive system.

During my stay at Paracelsus my body went through drastic change. My pain levels went down significantly and I was having huge parts of the day that were pain free, my energy was up, I was sleeping through the night and feeling refreshed in the morning, my bowel movements became more regular, and my personality started coming back. My confidence and naturally friendly and outgoing nature started to shine again. By the time I left Paracelsus I had gone through a major transformation. Dr. Rau and the staff at Paracelsus brought me back to life and its really scary to think about where I would be today if I had not put my healthcare in the hands of Dr. Rau.

During my stay Dr. Rau discovered many things: 1)the Lyme disease and other tic born infections were actually gone and it was the aftermath of the treatments and toxicity that were causing my symptoms 2)high levels of mercury, arsenic, silver, lead, copper, aluminum, cadmium and zirconium 3) my pituitary gland was barely working which explained why I had so many problems with my thyroid and reproductive hormones 4)food intolerances 5) intestinal dysbiosis 6)metabolism problems and much more. Every time new test results would come back Dr. Rau would immediately alter or add any treatments or remedies that were necessary. I also did the liver detox week and this was very successful. I ended up passing over 1,000 stones and it was amazing to actually see how truly toxic I was.

The clinic itself is completely different than any other medical facility I have been to. Nobody has an ego and everyone just cares about helping you and getting you better. The doctors are all in constant communication and they have a computer system where everything you do gets documented. It is the most organized and efficient place I have ever seen. In the US my parents and I would beg the doctors to communicate with each other and it never happened. At Paracelsus this happens on a daily basis.

When it was time to leave the clinic, I did not want to leave. Every day that I went to the clinic the staff helped me. Even during some of the most painful days of my life Dr. Rau was able to help make me more comfortable. Dr. Rau and Dr. Ade came up with a home program for me and told me exactly how to come off the little bit of traditional meds that I was still on. I get infusions every other week, ozone once a month, taking homeopathic remedies every day, and strictly follow Dr. Rau’s diet.

When I came home from Paracelsus I continued to see improvements in my health condition every week. I was so excited to be living again and feeling more and more like myself. Four months later I went back to Paracelsus for a two-week stay. I was so happy to be back and everyone was so impressed and excited about the transformation I had gone through. The doctors, nurses, receptionist, pharmacists, therapists and chefs could barely recognize me. In addition to losing 42 pounds, I looked alive and vibrant again. I was constantly engaging with other patients and was energetic all-day long. I did many of the same treatments I did during my first stay and I also started the organ cell therapy. My heavy metals had come down more than 50% and the viruses I had were also lower. My second trip really helped my mental state. It made me much more confident in myself and my health and helped me to prepare for my next stage of life. I was always a very confident strong woman and when I got sick I lost that characteristic that I loved about myself. Paracelsus helped get it back and Dr. Rau gave me some homeopathic drops to bring out the “inner me”. I can really feel the difference. I went back to school and moved into my own apartment this month. Dr. Rau and the Paracelsus team truly saved my life and I will be eternally grateful for the gift they gave me. I value and appreciate good health more than anyone I know.


K.A., 1961, f

I am a 49-year-old female who was diagnosed with breast cancer a little over a year ago. I was told that the tumor was grade III and therefore fairly aggressive. Before the doctors even knew what stage my cancer was they suggested treatments of chemotherapy, radiation and of course surgery. The fact that they did not have all the information about what was going on and had already decided on what the course of treatment would be was worrisome to say the least. The doctors did not seem willing to consider anything outside the “standard “course of treatment which they of course considered highly effective.

I had heard about the Paracelsus clinic from a family friend and decided to consult with them before making any rash and major choices about course of treatment. My first visit to Paracelsus was in January 2010. Dr. Rau looked at the bigger picture and not just the fact that I had breast cancer. He was not going to simply treat the cancer but rather help improve my overall health so that my body can get rid of the cancer and ensure it does not come back. Everything went better that I ever could have expected. The staff, nurses and doctors at Paracelsus are doing amazing things to keep patients healthy.

Shortly after returning to the US I made an appointment to get the tumor surgically removed. The pre-operative scans showed that the tumor had shrunk from 5cm to 4cm. The doctors were flabbergasted and could not offer an explanation for this. I knew it was a result of Dr. Rau’s treatment.

I returned to Paracelsus a few months after the surgery. So far everything looks extremely promising and I ‘m looking forward to a bright future with continued treatments. I have seen the work that Dr. Rau and his staff do for their patients and it is truly nothing short of revolutionary. I am extremely thankful that I did not let fear get the best of me when I was diagnosed. I am not sure where I would be had I followed the standard course of treatment, but I am fairly certain my health would not be optimal and I would not be feeling as good as I do today.


R.N., 1947, m

Diagnosis/Medical condition

Metastasized Prostate Cancer, two Stage 3 post-surgery

Health status before treatment

A year and a half ago, my urologist/surgeon told me my treatments of radiation and Lupron could still fail. “You are nowhere near out of the woods.” My health suffered from worry and from the miserable side-effects from U.S. treatments: frequent and urgent urination, hot flashes, bone metabolism, lumbar pain, soft tissue pain, and fatigue.

Health status after treatment

After a year of treatments at Paracelsus, there is now no evidence of cancer! From the beginning, my side-effects were reduced, which made my quality of life much better. As of recently, the various types of pain have essentially gone away, my urination issues are basically normal, and my energy is returning, I am no longer taking any prescription medication. I feel well and am optimistic.

What is special at the Paracelsus Clinic?

The doctors’ phenomenal ability to diagnose and to treat the cause(s) and the side-effects of previous treatments and/or drugs has astonished me. The entire Paracelsus Team, medical, nursing, technical and administrative, is cheery, compassionate and expert. I have been richly blessed by them.


T.S. (f)

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Rau and his team in restoring my health.

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. My joints were very swollen and extremely painful. My RA was so bad that I could hardly walk in the morning and I wasn’t able to use my hands. I was in constant pain. I have seen many different doctors but no one could really help me. I researched about Dr. Rau and his state-of-the-art clinic and decided to visit Paracelsus Klinik.

Dr. Rau gave me my health back. Arthritis swelling and pain are now about 90% healed and progressively improving and healing over time. Dr. Rau is one of the most committed hardworking, intelligent and knowledgeable physicians I have ever encountered.

I am very grateful to the entire staff. They are knowledgeable, caring and highly trained professionals. Your facility is quite impressive. My heartfelt thanks to everyone.

Dr. Rau, I am forever grateful for turning my health around. You are the best! San Diego, USA


K.E. (f)

I came to Paracelsus recently for two weeks in June 2010, and it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made.

In March 2009, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. After 58 years of nearly perfect health, this was a huge shock. In the next 10 months, at home in California, I experienced a lumpectomy, chemotherapy, radiation and a total hysterectomy. Though I had a “good attitude” I was not used to drugs, and the chemo and radiation wore me down. (Relatively speaking, the surgeries were pretty easy.) I missed a year of work.

During and afterward, I had emotional ups and downs, aches especially in my joints, low energy, and I looked about 10 years older. The hit to my nervous system was overwhelming, and I wasn’t sleeping. Even with support from my dear husband, local conventional therapists and therapeutic bodywork colleagues, I was slowly getting better, but not able to get back to where I was before the chemo and radiation. I was assured by all that I was doing much better than most!

I asked my conventional doctors what I could do to (1) have any idea what caused this, (2) get past the ravages of the chemo and radiation, and (3) prevent a recurrence. They said: (1) no one knows, (2) it’ll happen on its own over time; just rest and eat well and exercise, and (3) eat a balanced diet, don’t get fat, don’t smoke, not more than 4 glasses of wine each week, exercise, and keep your stress level down. But, I did all that before the diagnosis! They had no more suggestions about how to prevent a recurrence. I was worried!

Then I came to Paracelsus. Their diagnostic tests gave me SO much information. I got some very good ideas of what may have caused my diagnosis. Under supervision, the detoxification procedures were gentle and effective. I reached a point in the second week where I could tell by the way my body and mind felt, that the chemo and radiation were out of my body. They gave me instructions on diet, supplements, treatments and life style changes that have been used by women with my diagnosis and these women have not had recur-rences. The treatments were gentle and I felt better after each one, not worse.

So now I feel happy and ambitious again and emotionally stable. The aches and pains are gone and my energy is returning rapidly. The aging has reversed, I can relax again, and my sleep is better than it’s been in 11 years. I feel I’ve been given my life back again and my husband says “my wife is back”! I’m back at work and enjoying it.

Without exception, the doctors, nurses, therapists and administrators were friendly, efficient and caring. The whole experience exceeded my expectations!

I know that sometimes patients want to speak to someone who has been there, before they make a decision. I would be willing to talk with anyone about my experiences.

The medical area, dental area, and hotel are all coordinated and it really works! It is in a beautiful and safe community in a gorgeous part of the world. It all works to benefit healing.

Finally, I LOVED my visits with Dr. Rau. He is absolutely the coolest doctor I have ever met. I very much appreciate what he did for me and what he is doing for others and the world!

With sincere appreciation,

K.E. (f), USA, June 26th, 2010


H.S., 1946, f

Diagnosis/Medical condition Headaches, muscle pain, lethargy.

Health status before treatment I felt bad and tired all the time.

Health status after treatment

I feel much better; I have more energy and less headaches.

What is special at the Paracelsus Clinic?

Everything. There are treatments you can’t get anywhere else. I will be back!


E.H., 1970, f

Diagnosis/Medical condition

Multiple Sclerosis

Health status before treatment

Stable, but at an unfavorable plateau in my opinion.

Health status after treatment

No change yet, seeing that I have had the condition for 10 years before going to Paracelsus.

What is special at the Paracelsus Clinic?

The very high level of professionalism, organization and friendliness of all the staff.


W.J.J.B., 1940, m

Diagnosis/Medical condition

Lower back pain/anomalous liver and pancreatic values.

Health status before treatment Good.

Health status after treatment Better.

What is special at the Paracelsus Clinic?

The people who work at Paracelsus; the physicians are well-informed, capable and cautious – as one might expect – but the non-physicians are insightful, dedicated and skillful.


P.N., 1953, m

Diagnosis/Medical condition Rheumatoid Arthritis

Health status before treatment

I had an operation to eliminate an infection which is really what made me wish to get off of a number of medications I was taking that further compromised my immune system.

Health status after treatment

In my first 3 weeks stay I was able to take a walk for pleasure, which I hadn’t done for more than 20 years. Since then I have gotten off of the most dangerous of my medications and, at the same time, the course of my disease has improved.

What is special at the Paracelsus Clinic?

The friendliness and competence of the doctors and staff. It’s a very welcoming place.


B.D., 1951, m

Diagnosis/Medical condition

I’ve been coming to the clinic annually for a check-up for over ten years. Besides health maintenance, I have problems around digestion which are minor relative to issues that other patients may have.

Health status before treatment

My digestion problems were giving me serious heart palpitations.

Health status after treatment

After my treatments at the clinic my heart palpitations rarely now occur.

What is special at the Paracelsus Clinic?

The cozy atmosphere and the highly personalized care.


H.K, 1953, m

Diagnosis/Medical condition

I came here only for preventive treatment.

Health status after treatment

Same before and after treatment.

What is special at the Paracelsus Clinic?

Friendliness of the staff, doctors are very good in terms of bed-side manners, blend of alternative medicine and allopathy.


W.H.B, 1931, m

Diagnosis/Medical condition Prostate Cancer.

Health status before treatment Reasonably good.

Health status after treatment Better.

What is special at the Paracelsus Clinic?

Pervasive attitude from top to bottom of caring, helpfulness and friendliness.