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The teeth are always involved

“The teeth are always involved”
– Dr. Thomas Rau

Dentistry is an integral part of biological medicine because Dr. Rau recognized early in his career that nearly every medical condition was accompanied by a dental disorder.  For example, in breast cancer, Dr. Rau has documented that over 95% of cases are accompanied by chronic low-level dental infections, called “foci”.  This is not the exception – it is the rule that dental health must be restored for the patient to heal.

The reasons for this close relationship are both biological and historical.  In the body, the teeth and mouth are the first places exposed to toxins and bacteria ingested in the body.  Any disturbance leads to gum disease or cavities (i.e. caries) with an immediate penetration of the body’s immune defenses.  Oral health is also intimately tied to inflammation – poor oral health causes inflammation, and inflammation causes poor oral health.  We have known for decades that inflammation is a cause of all chronic and degenerative illness, including cancer and heart disease.  Notably, in Chinese medicine, each tooth is associated with an energy meridian, and tied in turn to specific organs and systems.  These associations have been confirmed in modern medical science.

The history of dental practice is another crucial factor.  Western dentistry invented mercury amalgam fillings about a century ago because dentists of the time found amalgam easier to use and much less expensive than gold.  Unfortunately for patients, the mercury was unstable and leached into the body, providing a steady diet of heavy metal toxicity.  Heavy metals impair immune function, block the regulatory functions of the body, and create endless inflammation.

A second historical factor is the emergence of the “Western diet”, with its heavy emphasis on sugary food and drink combined with artificial ingredients, toxins and xenoendocrines.  Besides directly promoting tooth decay, this diet lacks nutrition and promotes inflammation – both factors that impair gum health – and leaches mercury from amalgam fillings.  The modern epidemic of periodontitis is a direct consequence of the Western diet and its related toxins.

Another so-called “innovation” was the development of “root canals” to treat infected roots of teeth.  These treatments leave behind infections that are small in scale but cannot be healed because they occupy tissue that is unvascularized – that is, beyond the reach of blood vessels and so chronic and incurable.  These “foci” of infection distract the immune system and drain it of strength at the same time they contribute to chronic inflammation.

The most recent wave of “innovation” was the rise of dental implants.  The more modern implants were made of titanium, which is usually not highly reactive inside the body, but nevertheless is a source of focal inflammation for most patients.  Unfortunately, for many patients titanium creates a more acute reaction, contributing to inflammation and impairment of the immune system.  Many patients are not initially sensitive to the titanium in their mouths but become reactive over time.  Not surprisingly, about 50% of all such implants fail within a decade, adding to the patient’s oral health issues.

Biological medicine gives patients the solution to all these problems.  We help the medical patient deal with his or her corresponding dental disorders – just as we help the dental patient heal his or her related medical problems.  The integration of dental and medical care is one of our greatest achievements, and it daily brings relief and hope to our patients.


Many chronic diseases are caused by dental problems – we help getting healthy teeth

Many chronic diseases are caused by dental problems. When teeth are diseased, it affects other organs and bodily functions. With our biological dentistry, we help to improve their health and performance through healthy teeth. We offer the full range of modern biological dental diagnostics and dentistry. You can also register for dental treatments directly with us at the dental clinic.


Principles of Modern Biological Dentistry

Modern biological dentistry means for us that we look at our patients holistically and pay attention to the interaction between teeth and organ systems. We work metal-free) and only use zirconium implants of the highest quality. We look for a pain and side effect arms, gentle and careful treatment, for example, instead of using antibiotics soft laser to disinfect bacteria or treat wounds with autologous blood and thus obtain a much more comfortable wound healing. In the field of diagnostics, too, we rely on the highest quality and offer 3D bone diagnostics with digital C.

It is important to us that you understand exactly and have a competent say in what we do – so a detailed consultation at the beginning is very important to us.

Chief Dentist Hubert Litter (Dr. med. dent.)



 What is special about Biological Dentistry at the Paracelsus Clinic?

In short, we combine the achievements of modern dental medicine with the principles of biological medicine. This means:

  • We discuss your needs in detail, so that you can advise your dentist competently and respond to their specifics
  • We work metal-free and thus avoid a toxic load We do not perform root canal treatments and have the latest tests to detect dental sources (Rantes and digital 3D X-ray)
  • We avoid antibiotics so as not to weaken the immune system We use ozone and Sanum medicines to treat the infections
  • We use PRGF (patient’s own growth factors) very successfully to improve healing
  • We always use a pulsating magnetic field to strengthen the self-healing powers of the patient
  • At your request, we work closely with the medical department or their attending physician
  • If you have further questions about why we treat our patients with biological dentistry as holistic and successful, you are very welcome to come to one of our information evenings.
Biological Medicine and Dentistry
Each tooth, as part of the body, is connected to the human’s meridian and lymphatic system. In the case of inflammation of a tooth or the surrounding area of ​​the jaw, long-distance disturbances can occur at the corresponding functional circuit, as well as in the case of toxic exposure to heavy metals.The main problems we see in:

·       Amalgam and other toxic metals such as mercury, palladium, titanium, etc.

·       Root fillings to preserve dead teeth, inflammation of the jaw, suppurations, etc.

·       Incompatible metals, especially in implants Impacted and displaced teeth