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New Patient Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the questions that we are most frequently asked by those interested in becoming a patient at Paracelsus.

Why is the treatment at Paracelsus preferable to what I get at home?
Paracelsus is the leader in Biological Medicine, a holistic approach that supports the body’s own ability to heal and regenerate. Our approach is often more effective than that of conventional medicine alone in arresting or reversing the course of illness and disease. Paracelsus also has a wealth of experience, therapies and resources that patients cannot find elsewhere.

Will my health insurance cover any of the costs?
Swiss insurance companies cover many of the costs of treatment at Paracelsus, but generally not companies from other countries. However, there are some exceptions, so it’s advisable to contact your insurance company prior to your visit to determine whether you have coverage. Some US patients have gotten partial coverage by using a fee-based third party service; we can provide information on that service, but cannot guarantee any coverage. You are expected to pay the costs of your treatment at Paracelsus and later to submit your claims to your insurance company.

What is the typical wait to get an appointment?
We make every effort to see urgent cases as soon as possible. Non-urgent cases are usually seen in six to ten weeks. Availability varies depending on many factors; we’ll determine your schedule during your application process.

What’s the application process?
We try to keep the process simple and easy. First we have an initial call to cover basic information. If Paracelsus seems viable for you, you will be contacted by our Patient Advocate who can answer your detailed questions and gather the required information. If you wish, you may have a phone consultation with our intake physician before deciding to become a patient. The whole application process can be completed in a few days for urgent cases but often takes a week or two.

What doctor will I see?
Your doctor will be assigned by the Clinic after you have completed your application. All nine physicians at Paracelsus are highly trained and experienced in biological medicine and have been personally trained and supervised by Dr. Rau. You will see your physician almost daily during your stay.

Will I get to see Dr Rau?
Dr Rau has limited his personal practice to allow him to time to supervise the care of every patient. If you are assigned to Dr. Rau, please only expect to see him once during your visit; the remainder of your consultations will be with his assistant doctors.

Does Paracelsus work with my current doctor?
We’re happy to coordinate your care with your present doctor or medical team. Keep in mind however that most conventional doctors know very little about alternative and biological medicine. We recommend establishing a relationship with a holistically-oriented practitioner who can assist you with the Clinic’s follow-up protocols once you return home.

How long should I expect to stay?
The typical first visit is for two to three weeks. This allows the medical team time to do a complete and thorough evaluation, including laboratory tests, and to personalize your treatment plan. Most patients return to Paracelsus one or more times per year for shorter visits while maintaining their program at home through the use of supplements, dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, and other treatment protocols. While return visits are recommended, they are not required.

What medical documentation should I bring with me?
It is not necessary to bring records or copies of notes from your current doctors. If you wish, bring your most recent test results. The Clinic will perform its own diagnostic tests, many of which are unavailable elsewhere.

How much does it usually cost for treatment at Paracelsus?
Costs vary depending on your illness, the length of stay, and the course of treatment. Importantly, costs are generally not covered by health insurance. For cost estimates, please complete the inquiry form and contact us.

How and when do I pay?
Once you have decided you want to be a patient at Paracelsus, you will make an initial deposit of US$1,500 to complete your application. Once your tentative schedule is confirmed, you will be required to deposit an additional 8,500 Swiss Francs before you arrive. Every Tuesday morning after your first week, you will be asked to replenish your deposit. Most patients pay by credit card. Wire transfers are also accepted. Full details will be covered during the application process.

Where will I stay?
The clinic at Lustmühle is an out-patient facility, so you will stay in a hotel during your visit. We work closely with several local hotels in Teufen. We recommend the Santis Hotel because this allows you to follow exactly the diet Dr. Rau prescribes. The other area hotels are very good. We provide free shuttle van service to bring you to and from the Clinic from all area hotels. Veteran patients enjoy the camaraderie of getting to know each other in these venues. But some patients prefer to stay in nearby St. Gallen, which offers larger hotels, more restaurant choices, and tourist attractions. The negative is that staying in St. Gallen is more expensive and patients must provide their own transportation.

Is the Clinic handicap-accessible?
The Clinic is partially handicap-accessible. We advise that patients must be ambulatory, that is, able to walk short distances and get in and out of vehicles. As an out-patient facility, patients must be able to come and go every day, and move without help from one appointment to another among the four buildings on our campus. Each treatment building has an elevator, and some patients utilize wheelchairs, but at least some walking is required. Note that there is also no 24 hour care or support at the hotels. If you need such help, we strongly recommend you bring someone with you who can assist you. Please discuss details of your needs during the application process.

How should I pack? 
The weather in Switzerland is like New England’s, including snow in the winter and hot days in the summer. You can check online for current weather conditions. Dressing in layers with sweaters is always advisable. Be sure to pack comfortable clothes, walking shoes, slippers for the hotel, books, notebook for taking notes, and music and DVDs if you wish. You will have multiple appointments every day and of course some time in waiting rooms, so reading materials are important. Wifi is available at the hotels and at the Clinic.

What about transportation while I’m there?
On arrival at Zurich airport, the least expensive and easiest way to get to Teufen and Paracelsus is to take a train to St. Gallen and then a taxi. You may also rent a car or hire a private driver either in Zurich or St. Gallen. It is also possible to arrange a private driver from the airport in Zurich; please inquire for details and costs during your application process.

Free shuttle service to and from Paracelsus is provided only for the hotels in Teufen. If you are staying in St. Gallen you must arrange your own transportation; your choices are a rental car, taxi or the Appenzeller train.