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Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis (“RA”) can be a very painful, crippling disease caused by a problem with the body’s immune system. The proliferation of drugs for RA has brought more benefits to the pharmaceutical industry than to patients. Orthodox medical practice stands behind the use of drugs to relieve pain and swelling. They presume there is no cure, and therefore their job is just to manage the pain, swelling and loss of motility.

Our approach is quite different. Rather than give in to the pessimistic view that nothing can be done for the suffering patient, we take a long term view of the healing process. As a result, 100% of patients who come to see us are stabilized, and 60-80% are able to get off their meds altogether. The great majority feel a reduction in swelling and pain, and regain noticeable joint motion.

With biological medicine, the original cause of the illness is what matters. Find the root problem, and the disease becomes much easier to handle. By looking at rheumatoid arthritis as a puzzle, it becomes our job to discover the missing pieces and reassemble the whole, which leads to a solution that benefits the patient without drugs.

RA begins with a disturbance to the body’s immune system; an irritation of some form hastens an overreaction which then causes a spiral of inflammation and swelling in the bones and joints. So what is needed is to address what is triggering this disturbance or irritation. In many cases viral or bacterial infections were the triggers. We have also seen environmental influences such as food allergens, harmful preservatives, vaccinations, even mercury from various types of dental practices, provide the toxins or pathogens that overload the immune system.

Therefore, at Paracelsus our goal is to identify these factors first, then remove them and bring the immune system back into balance. A careful treatment plan is devised with the individual’s circumstances in mind. By controlling nutrition, adding key supplements and implementing a detoxification program, we have been able to help rid patients of their painful RA symptoms.

The course of action for this condition should not be one dependent on filling people with medications and telling them that this is how they must subsist for the rest of their lives; rather, the mission needs to be effectively identifying and treating the cause of the disease and helping people to move toward an eventual drug- and pain-free life. Even advanced cases recognize that biological medicine offers them more success and a much better life than they had before.