Thyroid disease

Thyroid disease globally affects more than 200 million people. Nearly half go undiagnosed. And herein lies the problem with this complex condition. Patients suffering from thyroid disorders do not as a rule present with “classic” thyroid symptoms. Instead, the disease varies extremely from case to case.

Orthodox medical practices are quick to attribute what actually are thyroid-based symptoms to depression or anxiety, and thus many patients are simply prescribed antidepressants and sent away to suffer with their still-undiagnosed symptoms of thyroid disease.

A chronic condition, thyroid disease is actually an umbrella term which denotes a number of issues afflicting the thyroid gland. Hyperthyroidism for instance, points to an excess of the thyroid-produced hormones – T3 and T4 – which cause the body’s metabolism to accelerate. This in turn can lead to unexplained weight loss, difficulty sleeping and/or breathing, nervousness, eye discomfort, and rapid heartbeat.

At the other end of the spectrum, hypothyroidism refers to the underproduction of T3 and T4 hormones and is accompanied by weight gain, fatigue, depression, lack of sexual drive and even memory loss. Other thyroid-related disorders include Hashimoto’s disease and Graves’ disease, both triggered when the immune system begins to attack the thyroid gland itself.

Here is where we at Paracelsus begin our investigation of thyroid problems: the immune system. Unlike conventional practitioners, we do not prescribe medications and steroids to those suffering from thyroid issues in the hopes that those drugs will suppress the immune system and thus weight will stabilize, depression will lighten and fatigue will disappear. Our intent is to identify the cause of this breakdown in the immune system and from there work backward toward a comprehensive understanding of the foundations of the disease.

Toxicity plays a huge part in the dysfunction of the immune system which leads it to attack the thyroid. We have had patients come in who have been exposed, whether knowingly or not, to a variety of toxins, from heavy metals such as mercury and lead, to substances such as ethanol and formaldehyde. These irritations lead to an increase in antibodies directed to the thyroid – antibodies which then incite the immune system. Conventional medicine often fails to test for these antibodies, thereby leaving a significant part of the problem unobserved.

Our process involves a series of detoxifications, successfully removing the offending irritants from the body and spurring the return of normal thyroid function. Parallel to detoxification treatments, patients will undergo electromagnetic field treatments as well as neural therapy, hyperthermia and nutrition therapy as we work to solidify the body’s own ability to foster appropriate glandular function. In cases where there is an underproduction of thyroid hormones, we will also introduce natural iodine, as well as selenium and iron, substances necessary to maintain sufficient thyroid levels

Our overall success rate in treating the root cause of thyroid malfunction and ultimately weaning patients off of prescribed medications is 80-90%. The key is to drain the toxicity from the body and thereby put the immune system back on track, restoring proper thyroid production levels. Showing people how to work the program on their own upon leaving the Clinic, we are giving patients the tools to live healthier lives, free of drugs that often have side effects worse than the disease itself.