Cancer – disease of civilization in the 21st Century

The incidence of cancer in developed countries increases about 2% every year. At this rate cancer will soon replace cardiovascular disease as the main cause of death. It is also alarming that cancer appears increasingly in the young.

Conventional medicine concentrates mainly on the removal of the tumor and on so-called pre-screening methods while largely forgetting the primary causes of cancer. But it is known to us that the development of cancer is associated with chronic infection and inflammation.

The initial stage of cancer (i.e. before metastasis) should be taken as a serious warning sign to change lifestyle habits, to be aware of cancer-promoting factors and to realign yourself to a more natural, BIO-logical orientated life. With our support, you have the opportunity to explore the best kind of medical treatment, what we call biological medicine, which works against the original causes of the disease, stabilizing the cancer in an indolent state, and often reducing or eliminating it.

There is no single cure for cancer. The causes, the patient’s circumstances, and the cancer itself are very individual and therefore we develop an individual treatment plan that concentrates on three approaches:

• treatment to kill existing cancer cells and prevent metastasis
• how to strengthen the immune system
• diagnosing and eliminating the predisposing factors that caused the cancer

After more than 20 years of developing biological cancer therapies at the Paracelsus Clinic we can confidently say that our holistic cancer approach works if the different modalities of treatment are implemented on an individualized and long-term basis, even in relatively advanced cases. Lifestyle, diet and detoxification are always of great importance. Our dietary methods include nutritional supplements, especially antioxidants and trace elements, with a key goal being to restore alkaline-acid balance.

We often apply our biological medical methods alongside the patient’s conventional oncological treatment, especially in the most advanced cases. All our doctors have professional training in conventional medicine, so they can prescribe a combination of different treatments, integrating conventional medical methods with our holistic approach.