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Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most tragic diagnoses in conventional medicine. Not only is the absolute incidence rising – it’s estimated that a girl today has a 1 in 6 chance of developing breast cancer in her lifetime – but in recent years this plague appears in younger and younger women. Just as important, the prevalence is increasing of hormone-negative breast cancers, which are the more dangerous forms. They are more aggressive and conventional medicine has fewer therapies. Recurrences are more common in part because chemotherapy produces chemo-resistant cancer cells. Finally, despite billions of dollars spent researching radiation, chemotherapy and immunotherapy over the last several decades, the lifetime mortality from breast cancer has not fundamentally improved.

Against this background our approach and experience at Paracelsus is quite hopeful. By working on the underlying causes of the disease, we improve the prognosis for women whose conventional treatment resulted in a recurrence; we help arrest or slow the progress in those with more advanced cases; and we offer an alternative approach to those who are wary of conventional methods, especially chemotherapy and radiation.  Out of many hundreds of cases we have treated with localized breast cancer, we know of only one under our treatment who suffered a metastasis.

How can we have such apparent success when conventional medicine does not? The difference goes back to the origins of conventional versus biological medicine. In orthodox thinking the causes of cancer are irrelevant; instead, emphasis is put on genetics, as though a woman was doomed to develop cancer. In this mindset, the doctor’s role is just to kill cancer cells. Since he doesn’t consider why the cancer occurred in the first place, he doesn’t give much thought to what would make the cancer come back.

We don’t see it this way at all. In our model of disease, the causal factors can and must be known. Genetics may determine when and where the breakdown of the body appears, but the causal factors are rarely in the patient’s DNA. Instead, disease follows a weakening of the body over time, under the stress of poor diet and digestion, toxins, xenoestrogens and other endocrine disruptors, chronic viral infection, and myriad related problems.  These can be and are addressed in our treatment, starting with very thorough testing of all the body’s systems.  Our approach recognizes that the factors that created cancer also create recurrence.

Let us emphasize that it is not our position that breast cancer patients should always forego conventional medical treatment. Very often conventional treatment, especially lumpectomy, is essential in gaining the upper hand over the disease. But without addressing the root causes of the disease, the likelihood of recurrence and metastasis is simply too great. Patients need to reverse the weakness in the body, and the factors that caused that weakness, to restore their health. And everyone knows that certain conventional treatments, notably radiation and chemotherapy, present their own health risks, and weaken the body’s immune system just when it is needed the most. In Dr. Rau’s approach, we work not only against the cancer cells, but FOR the immune system, balancing the inner metabolic milieu and the many co-factors whose dysfunction allowed the cancer to develop in the first place.

We take a highly individualized approach to each one of our patients, but never more so than in treating cancer. We are happy to work with your existing medical team, and bring our own oncologist into the discussion. The result is a healing regimen that offers hope of a long and healthy life.