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Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer


We’ve treated hundreds of cases of prostate cancer over the past 25 years at Paracelsus, ranging from early-stage, organ-confined tumors to highly advanced, metastatic disease. Our approach is extremely successful compared to the outcomes patients would have expected from conventional treatment. In fact, this is a good example of a disease in which conventional medicine is shifting its point of view to be closer to that of biological medicine. But it isn’t there yet!

Prostate cancer treatment has become very controversial in recent years in the USA, and for good reason. Various medical boards have recommended that men stop having PSA screening, or that such screening (and the treatment that follows it) offers no benefit compared to not screening. Around the world, practitioners and their patients have watched the controversy in America with confusion and even alarm.

How can it be true that screening and conventional treatment offer no benefit? The simple answer is that PSA tests to detect the likelihood of cancer, biopsy to confirm it, then surgery to remove the prostate (or radiation to destroy it), offer no benefit unless the real causes of the cancer are also addressed – and in orthodox medicine they never are. Relatively few men are really at risk of dying of prostate cancer, and the terrible side effects of conventional treatment – incontinence, impotence, secondary cancers and more – are risks for everyone. So is the chance of recurrence.

Biological medicine and conventional medicine do agree on the starting point for all cancer – cell mutation is normal. At any given moment each one of us has cancerous cells in our bodies. The question that biological medicine asks is, why do those few cancer cells take root and flourish? This is because of the internal milieu of the patient, which favors illness rather than health. In orthodox medicine the milieu is ignored, and the patient is asked to trust the surgeon’s knife, the radiologist’s ions, the endocrinologist’s hormones. In biological medicine we know that fixing the milieu is more powerful.

The good news is that for the great majority of prostate cancer patients, the disease is relatively slow-moving and we have time for our methods to arrest its progress. The treatment may be individual, but the goal is always the same – turn the acute state into an indolent one. The cancer becomes indolent or goes into remission, so the patient has a chronic but not a life-threatening problem.

One problem with the current controversy about conventional treatment is that so many men are being told to do “watchful waiting”. Unfortunately in orthodox medicine this means doing nothing except frequent PSA tests and annual biopsies – a very passive stance for a person who knows he has cancer. In addition, the PSA test is not reliable and the biopsies have many risks, including the chance of spreading the cancer. The Paracelsus method of healing the internal milieu is not “waiting” at all – it’s a very active program of making the milieu hostile to the cancer.

Our methods are effective with post-treatment and advanced cases as well. The average prostate cancer patient has a 35% chance of lifetime recurrence; biological medicine helps improve those odds considerably. And we are able to help even advanced cases live longer and better.

We believe that in the not-too-distant future conventional medicine will become more like biological medicine. Prostate cancer is a good place to start. We offer an effective alternative with zero negative side effects to men at every stage of the disease.