Hypertension is marked by the high rate of force at which blood flows through the arteries – i.e. high blood pressure. Hypertension leads to even more severe problems, including heart attack, stroke and kidney failure. Regulating blood pressure and bringing it back down to an acceptable and healthy level is thus extremely critical.
A normal and healthy blood pressure level is measured at 120/80 (systolic pressure over diastolic). Those who see numbers of 140/90 or greater are placed in the hypertensive category. Typically, conventional medicine will take patients with these higher numbers and treat the condition with a symptomatic strategy.
In the orthodox approach the patient is prescribed a series of blocking agents that are meant to inhibit certain glandular functions. Beta blockers and alpha blockers are both given to keep various hormones from causing the walls of arteries and veins to tighten, in theory lowering blood pressure levels.
The problem however is that often patients suffering from hypertension end up taking two or more of these types of drugs, the side effects of which can be just as detrimental as the condition for which they were prescribed. People become immersed in a cycle of medications and blockers and ultimately are chained to this prescriptive course for the rest of their lives.
A holistic and biologic approach to treating high blood pressure begins with a very different mindset. Getting to the root cause of the hypertension, biological medicine strives to identify those environmental, nutritional and even psychological factors that are instigating the symptoms of high blood pressure. At Paracelsus, our goal is to eventually replace symptomatic drug regimens with a more organic solution to the problem.
Stress almost always plays a huge role in the lives of those suffering from hypertension. Underlining how important stress management is to those working to combat high blood pressure, we integrate comprehensive stress management plans into our treatment of this condition. We also seek to reintroduce vital substances lacking in the body.
Restoring balance is key to our work with hypertensive patients. This includes nutrition, stress response and function of the autonomic nervous system. Addressing a fundamental imbalance in the regulatory nervous system is essential when it comes to effectively treating high blood pressure.
As a result of our holistic approach, we have had amazing results with patients. Some are even able to go off of conventional medication all together. The idea is to treat the entire body, to address the fundamental issues that gave rise to the condition in the first place, and to initiate changes that will help our patients better control the problem. Ultimately they no longer suffer from any symptoms, thus relieving the threat that hypertension created for their long-term health.