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How we treat in Biological dentistry

Frequently asked questions about treatment approaches



Why does biological dentistry treat metal free? 

 Heavy metals affect the immune system, blocking the body’s regulatory functions and creating endless inflammation. Conventional dentistry began about a century ago using mercury-containing amalgam fillings. The simple use of amalgam and the cheap price compared to gold made it attractive. Unfortunately, mercury is unstable and is continuously absorbed by the body. So one is, so to speak, exposed to a continuous uptake of heavy metal toxicity.


What is used instead of metals for implants? 

 Zirconium implants of the highest quality level, these consist of a ceramic type. For some years now, a zirconium implant has matured and become applicable, combining the advantages of perfect bony healing of titanium implants and the benefits of zirconia implants, such as biocompatibility, perfect aesthetics, and no plaque accumulation on the implant. Thus there is no reason in the fixed area of ​​tooth rebuilding to use metal parts for the tooth area.


What is Biological Dentistry at the Paracelsus Clinic? 

 In short, we combine the achievements of modern dental medicine with the principles of biological medicine. This means: 

  • We discuss your needs in detail, so that you can advise your dentist competently and respond to their specifics We work metal-free and thus avoid a toxic load 
  • We do not perform root canal treatments and have the latest tests to detect dental sources (Rantes and digital 3D X-ray) We avoid antibiotics so as not to weaken the immune system 
  • We use ozone and Sanum medicines to treat the infections We use PRGF (patient’s own growth factors) very successfully to improve healing 
  • We always use a pulsating magnetic field to strengthen the patient’s self-healing powers 
  • At your request, we work closely with the medical department or their attending physician