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Mucosa diseases and gum disease

Causes of gum disease, but also of gingivitis are: smoking, amalgam fillings, hyperacidity of saliva due to sugary and meat-rich diet, dental crowns and implants that cause tooth currents and chronic viral infections such. Herpes. Very important and actually the most serious cause are disorders of the intestinal flora and intestinal mucosa, e.g. by wheat or cow’s milk products, but also late effects of antibiotic therapies. 

The treatment of periodontal disease is actually quite simple: Diet: no sugar and no cow’s milk products 2 – 4 times per day intensive mouth rinses with a sea salt solution or even better the very trace element-rich Himalayan salt. 1 x per day “oil-pulling” with organic sunflower or grape seed oil (take a tablespoon of oil in the mouth and then slowly through the teeth, for 5 minutes – then spit.) Vitamin C retard (Burgerstein): 2 x 1 Kps. à 500 mg per day Vitamin A and D (Burgerstein): 2 x 1 tbl. And now the super-trick: “Dr. Rau’s Gum-Wätteli »: Take ¼ handkerchief, fold it, that you have a cookie of about 3 x 1 cm. Tie it in with selenium drops and a little water and add Alkala Base Powder. Place this on the gums and leave on for 10 – 20 minutes. Then add 10 drops of Notakehl (Sanum) and keep for a few minutes. 

If possible, take this treatment daily and for several weeks. The regeneration of the gums takes weeks – but all other therapies, including surgeries and / or antibiotic treatments are usually of no use. This treatment is also useful as a support for repeated viral infections (e.g., herpes) or even lichen planus (a precancer). 

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