As with most disorders affecting the delicate digestive system, diverticulitis is a multifactorial condition. It’s diagnosed after painful pockets of infection form within the large bowel that weaken the intestinal wall over time and create chronic inflammation. While conventional medicine still debates the exact causes of diverticulitis, it is clear that older patients with diets low in fiber and chronic constipation are at an increased risk of developing the condition.

Unfortunately, orthodox medicine only treats advanced diverticulitis, once symptoms have escalated to a nearly unbearable level. Conventional treatment includes heavy doses of antibiotics to control flare-ups. Patients with severe cases may experience a rupture in the intestinal wall, which necessitates emergency surgery. These methods reduce the symptoms associated with the most severe cases of diverticulitis, but don’t offer the patient any long-term solution.

By contrast, biological medicine considers the gut and related intestinal systems to be the foundation of the immune system and the majority of the biological processes within the body. Any condition that gives rise to chronic inflammation, from food sensitivities to autoimmune disease, is considered a disturbance of the intestinal system and an indication of an imbalance in the microbiome as a whole.

Therefore, the Paracelsus approach to diverticulitis treatment seeks to heal the gut and rebuild healthy intestinal flora from the inside-out. This naturopathic treatment plan begins by reducing the inflammatory burden on the body using a broad-spectrum analysis to identify the source of inflammation, followed by the creation of an individualized, sustainable set of solutions. We go far beyond just increasing fiber in the diet, and work to reduce inflammation on a systemic level. This accelerates healing of  the intestinal wall and the entire digestive system.

By treating patients at a causal level with a holistic approach to reducing inflammation and healing the microbiome, it is possible to both eliminate diverticulitis and drastically improve the patient’s general health and well-being.