A fundamental imbalance in the bacteria of the intestinal tract, dysbiosis can wreak havoc on the gastrointestinal system and the patient’s overall health. Historically overlooked, dysbiosis has in recent years been finally getting the attention it deserves, but it still is rarely treated effectively in conventional medicine.

At Paracelsus we have known for over 20 years that dysbiosis is at the center of immune system dysfunction and therefore one of the root causes of all chronic diseases. The harmonious balance of gut flora and bacteria is necessary for maintaining optimal gastrointestinal function. When this is upset, for whatever reason, patients experience the onset of numerous uncomfortable and painful issues. Conventional medicine usually fails to address dysbiosis directly as it does not recognize the condition as relevant to the systemic responses of organisms.

Orthodox physicians tend to overlook the crucial fact that the intestine is the cradle of health. This is where biological medicine’s approach differs, as we take into account the root causes, and examine how dysbiosis can lead to an array of chronic issues and conditions. In fact many autoimmune diseases of this nature require the treatment of dysbiosis in order to bring patients back to full health and ultimate recovery.

So what instigates the overproduction of harmful bacteria to the point where they suppress the “good”, thereby creating an inherent imbalance? Nutrition certainly plays a huge role – the modern diet helps the wrong bacteria to flourish. Over time, a lack of proper nutrition, eating too much, as well inundating the system with preservatives can certainly imbalance bacterial growth and thus lead to more critical issues.

We have also discovered that exposure to various heavy metals and environmental toxins hasten a disturbance of the intestinal bacteria. Additionally, the presence of antibiotics affects bacterial composition within the intestine, as powerful drugs and medicines can kill off the “good” bacteria present, leaving a situation in which “bad” bacteria can then take advantage of this vulnerability. Breast feeding (or lack thereof) is another key issue that influences the way in which intestinal bacteria grows. Breast milk provides the microbiota necessary for further production of positive primary gut flora.

By understanding the underlying causes of this type of bacterial imbalance, we can more effectively treat it. Always individualized, the Paracelsus road to recovery involves a thorough nutrition plan intended to boost production of good flora and bacteria and repair the intestinal immune system. Using colonics to purge the large colon, then repopulating the intestines directly with large doses of healthy bacteria, plus our isopathic remedies, we rebalance the microbiome much faster than would be possible with dietary changes and oral probiotics. In this manner we are able to treat not only the issues associated with dysbiosis, but truly all kinds of symptoms.