Irritable Bowel Syndrome, usually called IBS, is a common intestinal disorder affecting millions of people. IBS is characterized by a variety of symptoms including cramping, bloating, gas, diarrhea and constipation. IBS can attack at any time, following any type of meal or activity. As a chronic condition, the symptoms can last for years, even a lifetime. Unfortunately, conventional medicine considers severe IBS to be incurable, and tells patients they must simply “live with it.”

The IBS patients we see at Paracelsus present at various stages. What they all seem to share is the intense pain which isn’t helped by conventional remedies, as these are merely meant to suppress and thereby mask the symptoms of IBS. Our goal is very simple: figure out what is causing the inflammation of the intestinal walls to begin with, and then treat the disease from its roots.

What we have learned is that more often than not, the chronically inflamed intestinal tissue is, in part, the result of chronic dysbiosis, i.e. the imbalance of bacteria within the intestines. In biological medicine this answer raises another question: how did this bacterial imbalance arise in the first place? When we are able to discover the root causes of the condition we can propose a treatment plan that will work not merely to mask symptoms but ultimately to cure patients.

Each case of IBS is unique. Therefore, people are in need of a treatment plan that is tailored specifically for them and their particular condition. What we have discovered in many IBS patients is that they suffer from a modern form of malnutrition – years of eating processed, pro-allergenic, chemically-injected foods that causes harmful bacteria to thrive, thereby hastening an intestinal imbalance. This eventually leads to chronic inflammation within the intestinal walls.

With our individually designed program, we first address the patient’s nutrition. To this end, we devise a plan that encourages intestinal up-building through the use of probiotics and isopathic remedies. Ultimately, what we strive to do for our patients is to adjust their overall eating habits, supplement intake and lifestyle in general. IBS doesn’t have to be a life sentence, even in severe cases. In fact, it is one of our most successfully treated diseases, and patients consequently experience a cessation of the pain and symptoms associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.