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Osteoarthritis & Joint Pain

Osteoarthritis is an increasingly common condition for which conventional medicine has no effective treatment except to manage the patient’s pain while letting the joint deteriorate until surgery is required. Most of our osteoarthritis patients come to us after years of conventional treatment asking the same question: is an operation my only alternative? Happily, at Paracelsus we have a better answer.

Osteoarthritis is the degeneration of cartilage which in turn causes chronic inflammation and stiffness within the joints. The condition can be incredibly painful and frustrating, even debilitating. Conventional medicine uses drugs to mask the pain, including anti-inflammatories and medications such as Prednisone which have serious long-term side effects.

In the conventional view, the degenerative process in osteoarthritis cannot be reversed. Orthodox doctors promise to do great things with pain management until eventually it is time for a joint replacement – their promised cure. In biological medicine we take a different approach. We begin by dissecting the root causes and from there build an efficient and non-invasive treatment plan.

Despite what orthodox physicians claim, patients can rebuild cartilage. All is not lost. They don’t have to live with the pain, taking myriad drugs while waiting for a replacement joint. In the conventional course of treatment, patients lose vital months, even years of their life. We typically see that osteoarthritis stems from poor nutrition, hyperacidity and chronic infections. First and foremost we address these causative factors.

By removing toxins from the body, adding supplements that provide necessary trace elements and minerals, and changing the diet so as to encourage cartilage rebuilding, we have been quite successful in treating osteoarthritis patients. In fact most who come to us get significantly better. It does involve a long term process. In the short term, with our therapy patients stabilize within just a few weeks. Over the long term our success rate has been extremely positive.

So for those who do unfortunately suffer from any type of joint or arthritic pain, the answer does not have to be drugs followed by the inevitable joint replacement. There are alternatives. We believe in tailoring treatment plans to the individual. Like every degenerative condition, osteoarthritis is not a one-dimensional problem identical in every patient. Therefore by getting to the core of the individual’s genetics, background, habits and health, we can effectively find a way to help cure the symptoms of osteoarthritis.