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Osteoporosis & Osteopenia

Osteoporosis (accelerated bone resorption and extended brittleness of the bones) is an ever-increasing diagnosis. On the one hand this is related to the increasingly older overall population – since at an old age everyone sooner or later suffers from osteoporosis. Other reasons are our prone-to-overacidification dietary habits, environmental pollution with heavy metals that particularly deposit in bone, medication and the already fairly wide-spread vitamin D deficiency. Physical inactivity is also a major factor, though it is within the patient’s own responsibility to exercise.

So, will you have to wait for the diagnosis or even for fractures?
No – you can take protective measures and thus minimize the risk in time!

We recommended regular preventive checkups for people 40 years of age or older. These checkups should include an examination of the bone metabolism (vitamin D, determination of specific bone by-products in the urine), evaluation of dietary habits and – if necessary – osteodensitometry.

Biological-integrative medicine provides quite a few good preventive measures to counteract the problem. Even if you do already suffer from osteoporosis there is relief – even though no medicine is able to turn old bones into young ones. Miracles are rare – effective help is not!