Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is actually a group of conditions that often develop together as a result of the modern day lifestyle. It’s diagnosed when patients simultaneously have elevated blood pressure, high blood sugar, abdominal fat, and abnormal triglycerides. Metabolic syndrome has been proven to significantly increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

The good news is that metabolic syndrome is a kind of early-warning sign for the patient. The bad news is that the drug-based treatment approach of conventional medicine is not very effective. Each of the key indicators of metabolic syndrome – high cholesterol, hypertension, central adiposity, and high blood sugar – should create real concern. Having only one such condition doesn’t support a diagnosis of metabolic syndrome. But the more of these conditions a person has, the greater the risk for serious diseases and illnesses down the road.

The shortcoming of the conventional approach to metabolic syndrome is that that orthodox physicians tend to treat only the symptoms. Symptomatic approaches merely serve as masks. For instance, patients presenting with high cholesterol levels are prescribed statins. These drugs do lower cholesterol, but also create a host of negative side effects without solving the underlying cause. People with hypertension are often prescribed ACE inhibitors and diuretics, again all “solutions” whose side effects can actually be worse than the syndrome itself.

The approach of biological medicine is vastly different. Rather than address only the symptoms, at Paracelsus we look at each component of metabolic syndrome and identify what caused that particular condition in the first place. Our treatment enables the patient to resolve the cluster of conditions faster and more surely than would occur just through lifestyle changes alone. We begin by exploring issues with the gut, the teeth, the immune system. We consider toxic load and the ramifications of having too much heavy metal or other types of harmful agents in the body.

Once we have a better handle on a patient’s personal history, toxicology and overall medical health, we then implement a treatment plan that begins with intensive up-building. Focusing on the intestines and immune system primarily, we work to accelerate the restoration of balance and health. We also stress lifestyle and diet changes. Hypoallergenic diets and ultra-powerful probiotics help restore the patient’s regulatory systems and improve his or her overall condition.

The progress we see in patients is incredibly promising. After just a few weeks on our treatment plan, patients feel more active and more alert. They experience fewer bowel abnormalities and abdominal distension is alleviated. As they continue on our program, they discover that their glucose normalizes, cholesterol comes down and blood pressure levels out. Patients are also taught how to avoid a recurrence. Educating people about how to care for themselves, how to live healthier and cleaner lives is key when it comes to solving the conditions associated with metabolic syndrome.