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Neurological & Unclear Disorders

At Paracelsus we have an unusual perspective on orthodox medical practice. Because we are the largest center for alternative medicine in Europe, many of our patients come to us because they are the “treatment failures” of conventional medicine. They followed what their conventional doctors told them to do, but they did not improve. In many cases, they suffered terribly and got worse.

This pattern holds true for most of our patients with neurological or “unclear” disorders. For years their doctors told them their condition was “idiopathic”, i.e. of unknown cause. Some were told it was a genetic weakness, or just bad luck. The treatment was to use drugs to suppress the symptoms and hope for the best.

The tragedy of this situation is that millions of people suffer from these disorders – in fact, they are becoming more and more common. Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia, chronic pain syndrome, muscular dystrophy, neu-ropathy and many more are nearly epidemic.

In biological medicine we believe instead that the causes of neurological and “unclear” disorders can be determined and treated. Because each of these illnesses arises from a complex set of factors, our diagnostic phase is comprehensive. We determine each patient’s individual situation and develop a personalized treatment plan. Once the contributing causes have been remedied, the patient usually stabilizes, and in many conditions we are able to achieve significant progress, even returning the patient to a normal life.

The limitation on treatment is not because neurological illness is mysterious. Instead, it is because nerve cells are one of the very few types of cells in our body that do not regenerate quickly, if at all. And these cells are vulnerable to damage from many factors common in modern life. That damage in some cases is irreversible. But with our therapies focused on each individual’s condition, the body’s natural power to heal is maximized.