Conventional medicine is mystified by fibromyalgia. This is tragic because the disease creates so much suffering for so many. Now affecting millions of people – mostly women – the disease debilitates most of those it afflicts. This is in part because the symptoms make normal life impossible. But conventional treatment is also a problem: the drugs prescribed by conventional doctors, including painkillers and antidepressants, make normal life impossible.

The symptoms of fibromyalgia include musculoskeletal aches, tenderness, sleeplessness, depression and even memory loss. Flare-ups can be triggered by factors such as stress, physical trauma, even something as simple as changes in the weather. Conventional treatment aims to alleviate the symptoms rather than address the causes. We see many patients for whom antidepressants and sleeping pills have been prescribed because conventional doctors have no other options.

For those plagued by this chronic condition, fibromyalgia means a life in which they experience pain all the time to the point here they may not even be able to get out of bed in the morning, one in which they are no longer able to adhere to any sort of daily routine, and one in which they tend to withdraw from their normal social network. This does not have to be the case.

At Paracelsus our approach is different. We treat the root causes of illness rather than just placating symptoms. Biological medicine comprehends the individual’s true health and from there creates an effective treatment plan that will wean people from the drugs and opiates, and eventually give them their life back.

We know that lifestyle plays a role in fibromyalgia, but other critical factors include the diet, the invasion of toxins into the body, the condition of the intestine, genetic propensities, and even dental history such as root canals and basic fillings. It is vital to look at every aspect of a person’s health history when diagnosing what gave rise to their fibromyalgia.

Once our diagnostics are complete, our treatment follows closely the Three Pillars of Dr. Rau. We begin with a deep detoxification program, followed by healing of the intestinal flora and related immune function, and finally the rejuvenation of the body’s upbuilding forces. Together these efforts get the body “back on track”. We have been very successful in healing our fibromyalgia patients. They see immediate improvement in just the first few weeks, and by following their at-home program their symptoms disappear and they are able to wean off their former drug regimen. These are some of our most gratifying cases, because patients truly get back their health and enjoy their lives again.