Neuropathy is a nerve disorder that can affect any of the peripheral nerves, namely those within the arms, legs, hands and feet. This disorder can be quite troublesome for sufferers as they must cope with persistent weakness, a numbness and/or tingling sensation, and often a feeling of burning pain throughout the affected areas.

While the causes of neuropathy are numerous, we often find that other chronic conditions contribute to its onset.  Diabetes, for example, often causes neuropathy. Called “diabetic neuropathy”, this version usually begins in the legs and feet, and if not treated correctly can be crippling, and in advanced cases, even fatal. Other conditions that often involve neuropathy include: cancer, kidney problems, various types of infections, and chronic toxicity.  In the latter case we always find heavy metal toxins in the body, particularly lead, mercury and arsenic—all incredibly damaging to the nervous system.

Most of the patients with neuropathy who come to Paracelsus are of this type in which the problem is tied to another chronic condition.  Of particular concern are those who come to us in the midst of battling cancer. Unfortunately, the chemotherapy treatments and other agents injected into their bodies often damage their nerves and so create feelings of pain and numbness. Conventional medicine has little to offer them.

Biologic medicine maintains a very straightforward approach where neuropathy is concerned; we investigate as far as potential causes and incorporate the results into the overall treatment program. The first step is usually to reinstate normal bacterial balance within the intestine. Much of the time patients present with elevated levels of harmful bacteria, and this imbalance can in fact give rise to chronic conditions like neuropathy. Intensive intestinal upbuilding represents the core of our treatment strategy. We also focus on reinvigorating and upbuilding the immune system as well.

Detoxification plays a critical role in our treatment of this disorder. Through detox infusions and other remedies we have been able to improve our patients’ overall symptoms exponentially. In terms of the general success rate, we have had promising results when it comes to treating neuropathy. Some see relief from pain and numbness within as little as two or three months. Others may take a little longer depending on the severity of the disorder, but almost all have found relief with our treatment plan.