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Special 1-week program

Check-up and individual regenerative program

This program suits all people who want to do something good for their health and to make their organs work better. It is a very intense treatment, with a long lasting effect and in no way comparable with “Spa and Wellness” stays. The program helps also if you feel that an organ’s weakness begins to create problems or if you already are dealing with one of the frequent chronic diseases, such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart problems, Neurological problems, Autoimmune problems, Back and joint problems, Brain weakness or early aging as well as blood and blood cell problems .

Special 1-week program: Included doctor’s consultation, treatments and therapies

• Examination and consultation by leading doctor
• Doctor’s consultation
• Paracelsus Organ Cell Extract Injections, individually, 3 organs per day
• Paracelsus Detoxification infusion
• Paracelsus Up building and regeneration Infusion
• Neural therapy
• Nutrition consulting
• Indiba Therapy
• Ozone Therapy
• Colon-Hydro Therapy
• Warm pack treatment for liver
• Pelvipower
• Labor-Analysis: Profile, Hormones, Hashimoto and Fatty acids

Information about therapies and treatments

The medication for the Neural Therapy and the IV infusions are included. The daily IV’s and the neural therapies are individualized.
Paracelsus Organ Cell Extract Injections: See the description of Paracelsus Organ Cell Extracts (OZE) and Peptides Therapy on the next pages.

Paracelsus Detoxification infusion: These Infusions help to lower your level of toxic heavy metals and other toxins. Whit our special Paracelsus Detox Infusions, the entire body is freed from toxic contamination through decontamination

Paracelsus Up building and regeneration Infusion: These Infusions are unique worldwide and based on 20 years of chelation and vitalizing therapies. The combination of the natural substances added to the “Dr. Rau’s Alkaline Bicarbonate Infusions”, leads to much more effectiveness of the Paracelsus Organ Cell Extracts: Catalysts of the cell’s mitochondria, rare trace elements, vitamins, and homeopathic cell stimulants!

Neural therapy: The “Neurogenerative Injection-therapy (in short: Paracelsus Neural Therapy”) is a method, in which homeopathy and local anesthetics are injected to very specific acupuncture stimulation points. These painless injections lead to an increase of the glandular rebuilding function too and increase the effect of the Paracelsus Organ Cell Extracts.
Ozone Therapy: Ozone is activated oxygen. Ozone gas consists of three oxygen atoms, making the structure very unstable. Because of its instability, it behaves “radically”, and interacts chemically with other compounds. The result: water (H20) and other reduced compounds. This metabolic process slows down our own metabolism, leads to the accumulation of poisons and the over acidification in the blood. Various symptoms may ensue, including immune weakness, disease susceptibility, reduced fibrin and blood oxygen under-utilization. Ozone works by acting cytolytic ally against viruses, fungi and bacteria. It changes the blood flow, supports a minor enlargement of blood cells, which assists in their being more ‘receptive’ of oxygen. These factors not only improve one’s symptom picture, but in general, lead to better oxygen utilization. Simply, all healing processes in the body require oxygen.

Colon-Hydro Therapy: The colon hydrotherapy expels, in an effective way, accumulated, stagnated stool and rotted material of the walls of the intestines. The functional surface of the intestines is thus considerably increased which thereby improves its effectiveness in detoxification. During the treatment, which takes 30-50 minutes, the patient remains relaxed on the couch. With the gentle massage of the lower abdomen, the therapist seeks remaining problem zones. Through this strong vegetative and partially thermal stimulus (massage and warm/cold provocation), the intestines begin to work again and peristalsis is promoted. So, colon hydrotherapy has an effect on the stool regulation, extending far over the treatment cycle. The treatment is completely clean, the couch remains dry and no disturbing smells are developed.

Pelvipower: Pelvipower is training specifically intended for your pelvic floor muscles. Embedded in its seat, this magnetic field chair provides a simulation system consisting of solenoid coils and the related electronics that creates an effective field. In the tissue, the electric induction produces electric potential shifts that make the respective muscles contract. Pelvipower serves to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic, hip, gluteal, and femoral area and promotes coordination. Depending on the intended therapeutic goal, the pulse frequency can be set at rates from 5 to 50 Hz. The ideal treatment takes about 15 minutes.

Nutrition consulting: Learn from nutritionists Dr. Rau’s hypoallergenic and alkaline building diet – a diet that leads to more well-being and has a long term-effect. Bring your questions
Indiba: It activates the natural defense system. Tumor cells in particular are sensitive to heat; if they are exposed to a “fever” over a longer period of time, they can regress. However, other chronic or degenerative diseases can be positively influenced.

Warm pack treatment for liver: With this therapy helps the liver to detox and improves and accelerates the whole body’s healing process.

IHHT: This method of stimulating numerous somatic functions has therefore been used in the treatment of degenerative diseases for a while. Apart from increasing performance in general, the treatment also serves to realign altered metabolic processes (activates the energy metabolism) and strengthen the immune system.

Paracelsus Organ Cell Extracts (OZE) and Peptides Therapy

These treatments are included in our program. It is important that we know in advance the patient’s health problem, so that we can prepare the OZE and Peptides individually.
Paracelsus Clinic offers this unique therapy, which is very individualized and contains, what patients often ask for as “Life Cells Therapy”. Our peptide injections are the most modern development from what former time was done as “cell injections”. There are NO cells anymore and therefore no infectious or allergenic potential, but the active cellular and organ-specific molecules are still active. We are government proved, and maintain the permission to use strictly controlled micro filtered cell extracts for individual use. We produce, patient-specifically, organ cell extracts with latest technology. We get organotrophic peptides and high concentration of growth factors. With these intramuscular injections, normally 2-3 organs per day, we stimulate the patients re-building of organs very specifically, as brain, liver, pancreas, Eye, and 10 others. With the general up building organs, Placenta, Umbilical Cord and Thymus, we stimulate the patient’s well-being and regenerative strength, notable within several days!
Beside this we provide a unique way to use these Injections, locally administered, for skin, scars, joints, periarticular and on the spine, combined with the Platelet concentrate injections. This treatment, worldwide only done in Paracelsus Clinic Lustmühle, we use for chronic back pain, osteoarthritis and skin or hair problems.

Paracelsus Platelet Released Growth Factor Therapy (PRGF)

We spin the patient’s blood and extract the highly concentrated autologous growth factors. This, sometimes combined with the Organ cell extracts, gets used for local injections, and increases local growth of new cells. Used for Joints, dental after tooth extractions and gum problems, cosmetics, but also for sexual enhancement.